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Credit control – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Principles of credit control?

  • Outstanding debts and arrangements to repay those debts shall be treated holistically.
  • Different repayment periods or methods may be determined for different types of services
  • Credit control policy must be implemented with equity, fairness and consistency.

What are the Arrangement Procedures?

  • Account holders may apply for extension of payment in cases of unusual high consumptions (leakages) or
  • Any other circumstances Council may deem appropriate.
  • 50% deposit will be required for continued water supply services for accounts payable before due date (7th of each month).

When is the water disconnected and what is the Reconnection process?

  • The cut-off date for unpaid accounts shall be the date immediately after the 17th of each month
  • Consumer accounts are in arrears within 30 days will be suspended
  • Business accounts in arrears with 30 days will be given a warning and in  60 days will be suspended without warning
  • The Reconnection fee N$323.00 which increases annually as from 1st July each year.

When is Adjustments levied on accounts?

  • Balances on related accounts may be transferred to new account of the same consumer, regardless of different properties.
  • The outstanding balance owed by the tenant of a property may be transferred to the account of the owner of the same property, should the tenant become untraceable or the debt uncollectable from the tenant.

Why is the water supply disconnected for loan accounts?

  • Water supply will be disconnected for unpaid loan accounts.
  • Loan accounts exceeding N$5000.00 will be handed over for collection to the attorneys.

Handover procedures

  • Letters of demand are posted to consumers in arrears to remind them to pay accounts in arrears
  • Letters clearly state that  legal action will be taken if arrears are not settled on the due date quoted or if there is no arrangement in place for down payments to clear amount in arrears.

Reasons why water is disconnected?

  • To create, maintain and promote good payment habits amongst consumers
  • To reduce debt due to council.
  • To provide for matters relating to unauthorized consumption of services, theft and damages

General enquiries: or 064- 4104317


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