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Rates and Taxes

Rates and Taxes – shall mean rates and taxes levied by council in respect of a rate able property and which are levied in terms of the provisions of Part XV of the Local Authorities Act.

General Valuation

The General Valuation is conducted every five (5) years of all rateable property situated in Swakopmund Municipal Area.

Interim Valuation

Interim valuations are done annually of site and improvements in respect of all rateable property situated in Swakopmund Municipal Area

Municipal Accounts

Accounts are sent out by the 15th of each month, and payable on or before the 7th of the following month.

General enquiries: or 064- 4104316

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the rates and taxes increase?

  • When there has been additions or improvement made to the existing structures.
  • When the annual increase has been implemented.
  • With every 5 year, when the General Valuation is completed.

Who pays rates and taxes?

  • Rates are paid by all owners of property, even government.

Why are the rates and taxes charged?

  • Municipalities need a reliable source of revenue to provide basic services and perform their functions. Revenue from property rates is used to fund services that benefit the community as a whole. These include the construction and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, street lighting and storm drainage facilities; the building and operation of clinics, parks, recreational facilities, cemeteries, beaches and libraries; as well as the administration of the municipality.

How are the rates and taxes calculated?

  • Property rates are calculated on the Municipal values both land and improvement of the property. For example N$ 800 000.00 multiplied by the approved tariff divided by twelve (12) for the monthly charge or amount.

How and when do I pay rates and taxes?

  • Rates are paid monthly. You can make payment at any one of the cash halls/municipal offices or via direct debit or on the Internet. If you do not receive an account then you, as a property owner, must request one.

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  • I am told that owners get some form of discount on rates and taxes or otherwise is we pave the sidewalk infront of our property. Is it trye and if so what is the procedure to follow?

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