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The Corporate Services & Human Capital department develops departmental strategies and directions for the lease and sale of land, execution of Council bursaries and the recruitment, welfare and management of all employment matters, in conformity with the Municipality’s overall strategic and financial plans.

Under the guidance of the General Manager: Corporate Services & Capital, the department has four main sections: Administration, Marketing & Communications,  Properties and Human Capital.

 Administration Section

This Section is to render’s secretarial and administrative services to Management Committee and Council and is responsible for the following:

· Compilation and distribution of Management Committee and Council Agenda.

· Minute taking at meetings and distribution of minutes for execution.

· Ensuring that annual tariff increases in respect of services rendered are gazetted.

· Managing of the Municipality’s telephone system.

· Managing all municipal records and archive material.

· Maintenance and upkeep of the Main Municipal Office Complex.

· Ensures all Council’s properties are properly guarded.

Archives/ Records  Section’s responsibilities is to control and manage the Municipal Archives, record-keeping of all Council’s properties, general files and executes all functions related to records management. Further, the Archives operates in terms of the Archives Act and other statutory provisions.

Marketing & Communications Section

The Marketing and Communication Section is responsible for effective institutional corporate communication, public relations and marketing. The Section is also responsible for the regular updates of Council’s website, Facebook page and other social media platforms with news, articles and or   advertisements.

Property Section

This Section is responsible for the effective management and control of Council’s property viz; sale of land and lease transactions and related administration matters.


Swakopmund has been experiencing rapid urbanization due to increased mining activities around the town which contribute to the rising housing demand. The provision of housing is a critical pillar for Swakopmund’s growth and development strategy. Council has put up various mechanisms to address this matter, (i.e. Build Together Programme, Informal settlement upgrading, planning and servicing of new residential areas).

Human Capital

Human Capital (HC) management is an employee function with the aim of helping managers to apply and utilize human capital effectively as possible within the organization in accordance with the HC policies and legal framework. The Swakopmund Municipality is known as a productive municipality, and as an organization striving for excellence, therefore the HC Section keeps on monitoring the employee’s progress towards achieving the organization’s goals. HC is responsible for, amongst others, attracting employees, keeping them in their positions and ensuring that they perform at optimum levels.

The Training and Development Officer is responsible for guiding the organizational training/ development needs.  Council has a good Training and Development policy in place, which provides for training and development of employees, study aid, a child/student subsidy, bursary scheme, and job attachments.

The Industrial Relations Officer’s responsibility is to ensure harmonious labour relations by fostering good working relationships amongst employees and by making sure that both parties adhere to set policies, procedures and regulations. To provide a proactive advisory service to Councillors, General Managers, Managers and employees which will facilitate common understanding and consistent application of the above-mentioned policies, procedures and regulations.

The Corporate Services & Human Capital department can be contacted at (064) 410 4200.