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Explanation of the symbols;

(a) The Welwitschia mirabilis plant has only two leaves and can live for over a thousand years and its marvellous ability to survive in such harsh, apparently waterless conditions can symbolize gender equality and equality in general and the ability to survive and keep growing.

(b) The lighthouse is a well-known landmark in Swakopmund and serves to accentuate Swakopmund’s seaside location on the Atlantic Ocean.

(c) The Namibian National Flag:

  • The sun symbolizes life and energy. The colour gold represents warmth and the colour of our plains and the Namib desert.
  • Blue symbolizes the Namibian sky, the Atlantic ocean, our marine resources and the importance of rain and water.
  • Red represents the Namibian people, their heroism and their determination to build a future of equal opportunity for all.
  • White refers to peace and unity
  • Green symbolizes Namibia’s vegetation and agricultural resources

(d) The medieval building portrays the historical building, known as “Die Alte Kaserne”. This building used to serve as living quarters for the German troops responsible for the construction of the pier and early railway works between the years 1897 to 1909.

Translation of the motto “PROVIDENTIAE MEMOR”

  • English         –        Mindful of your Destiny
  • Afrikaans     –        Gedagtig aan u Bestemming
  • German       –        Eingedenk der Versehung