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The mandate of the Economic Development Services department (EDS) is to develop, advocate and administer policies and strategies for Swakopmund in order to improve the provision of social services, adequate housing thereby enhancing the quality of life for people in Swakopmund.

The department comprises eight Sections:  Housing, Youth Development, Economic Development, Sport and Recreational, Cemeteries, Municipal Rest Camp, Traffic Services and Fire Brigade.


This Section is mandated to bring about comprehensive programmes that can make  meaningful difference in the lives of our youth by promoting their physical, educational interest as well as the life skills necessary to prepare them for leadership in their communities and success in their personal lives. These are achieved through the provision of career and employment counseling, facilitation and promotion of community employment initiatives as well as identifying and fostering employment opportunities.


This Section’s aims and objectives are to promote local economic development by devising strategies that are aimed at enhancing business growth, retaining and attracting investment and developing tourism. CDS has therefore been encouraging strategies that are supporting business in Swakopmund through development of infrastructures and business facilities namely; open markets, taxi ranks and business stalls, SME development through private public partnership.


This Section is responsible for the strategic planning process and the delivery of a range of sport and recreation services. The Section continues to provide improved sports facilities to the residents of Swakopmund in order for them to participate in advantageous competitions that promote wellness in a recreational atmosphere. The Section strives to put in place a range of programmes that promote mass participation in sports and recreation. In addition, it advises the community of the various benefits of recreational sports and exercise.


This Section is responsible for the management, record keeping of graves and upkeep of the three cemeteries in Swakopmund, of which each is  located in the following suburbs; Tamariskia, Mondesa and the Kramersdorf. The duties of the employees at the Cemeteries Section involves digging of graves, mowing and trimming of grass, watering and pruning of trees and shrubs.


The Section is responsible for the development of elegant tourism products and the promotion of the Municipal Rest Camp as a destination for visitors by ensuring that facilities and infrastructures are well maintained at all times.

Emergency and Law Enforcement Section:

The Section is responsible and accountable for the development and dissemination of advice on all matters relating to traffic policy, law enforcement and road safety education. The main role is to help reduce road fatalities, injuries and collisions on the road. The Traffic Officials respond to road accidents, crime scenes, and other emergencies, to protect the lives and property of residents and visitors. Furthermore, their duties also include providing escorts to VIP’s, cultural and sport parades as well as for funerals.


The Swakopmund Fire Brigade’s fundamental function is to protect life and property of the residents and visitors of Swakopmund. These fundamental functions relate to attending to fires, rescue services, medical emergencies and natural disaster incidents. The Fire Brigade Services Section is divided into four divisions namely the Operations, Training, Fire Prevention and Logistics.

The Economic Development Services Department can be contacted at (064) 410 4600.