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  • Credit is ONLY granted to Consumers with a monthly consumption above 60 units of water loss.
  • Investigations are conducted before approval of each claim.
  • The waiting period for completion of investigation and approval of rebate is five (5) working days.
  • Consumers with water leakages automatically qualify for arrangements when unable to settle their total outstanding bill once off.
  • Claims can be submitted to our Enquiries Desk or via email as per below address:

Required Documents:

  • Report/Invoice from the Plumber
  • In the absence of an invoice/letter from a Plumber, photos of the leak are required as proof.


  • Credit refund MUST be requested on our Municipal Credit Refund Form.
  • Consumers must ensure that correct Municipal Account numbers are provided.
  • There is a waiting period of seven (7) working days for processing of credit refunds.

Required Documents:

  • Bank Confirmation Letter
  • Copy of Identification (ID)


  • Credit transfers can be requested on our official Municipal Form or alternatively via email as follows:
  • Consumers must ensure that correct municipal account numbers are correct at all times.
  • No documents are required.


  • Only applicable to home Owners.
  • The owner must be living on the property to qualify for senior citizen special tariff.
  • Municipal services account MUST be in the name of the applicant.
  • ONLY one property qualifies for special tariff per beneficiary.

Required Documents:

  • Copies the Deed of Sale/Transfer
  • Copy of Identification (ID) DEBIT ORDERS
  • All debit order applications must be signed.
  • All applications must reach our office five (5) days before the 7th and 31st of each month.
  • NO applications without bank confirmation letters shall be processed.
  • Applications can be submitted to Enquiries Desk or alternatively emailed to

Required Documents:

  • A bank confirmation letter
  • Copy of identification (ID)


Cash / Debit Card / Credit Card / Online banking
Cell phone banking
Cash Deposits at FNB ATMS


  • Requests for receipts transfers for payments made on wrong municipal accounts should be accompanied by original receipts as proof.
  • In cases where payments were made via EFT, consumers must provide proof of payment thereof.

Required Documents:

  • Original Receipts
  • Proof of EFT payment