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The purpose of the JTC is to discuss and provide innovative ways for the Swakopmund Council as well as for the members to learn the necessary leadership skills to become positive, proactive members of the community. It comprises of learners from various Senior Secondary Schools within the district of Swakopmund.

The Junior Town Council strives to advocate for an environment in which every citizen takes the responsibility to preserve the environment.


Colours of HopeEducationalAn initiative to provide unprivileged youth with stationary specially crayons and second-hand items.
JTC CampEducationalLeadership camp for JTC councillors to help develop leadership skills, improve teamwork and reflect on year.
Environmental dayEducationalAn initiative to inspire the youth to live a sustainable life, by developing eco-clubs in their respective schools.
Movie NightSocialGive the youth an opportunity to socially interact with one another, while watching a movie, outside in a relaxed setting.
Soccer TournamentEntertainmentHost a winter soccer tournament where the youth of all town in the Erongo region can showcase their soccer skills.
DebateEducationalThe youth will have the chance to formally discuss a particular topic and put forward opposing arguments and opposing viewpoints.
JTC inauguration