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The holistic nature of community development has the following building blocks as one of its first points of departure:

Against this background, the Community development Section focus’ on programs for gradual change in a community and have interest in improving the lives of people. The Municipality, as a facilitator, therefore fosters relationships with local people and organizations to work in partnership with them in the planning, implementation and co-ordination of Community Development programs.


The aim is to identify and address the area specific needs of our respective communities in various areas of Swakopmund. Also to provide management support of existing programs and activities that will strengthen communities and build their capacity. The main activities of the section will comprise the following:

  1. Build and Promote Inclusive and resilient communities.
  2. Facilitate the participation of the public in projects and to identify service delivery challenges in their communities.
  3. Mobilise Resources aimed at supporting social development activities and projects.
  4. Coordinate the provision of Social Development Programmes and activities to the following vulnerable groups in our community:
  5. Elderly
  6. Disabled
  7. Children
  8. Unemployed and distressed individuals