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I am delighted to welcome you all to the Swakopmund Municipal Emergency & Law Enforcement Service Website.

Our mandate is to serve, protect and promote safety through partnership with the community of Swakopmund.

I often say that road safety and prevention is everyone’s responsibility; as a result, I am requesting you to read the safety tips and crime alert messages on our website, in order to best play your role in the prevention of traffic crime.  I encourage you to open the lines of communication and share with us your thoughts and insights on road safety, crime prevention, and bylaw enforcement within our Town.

This site adds value to the improved communication, and plays a great role in sharing critical issues related to the safety of our residents, tourists and visitors of our great Town. We believe policing is also about education and information sharing, just as much as it is about enforcement; therefore, we are committed to work jointly with our community in order to facilitate learning and growth.

I look forward to working with you to make Swakopmund the safest Town in the Mighty Erongo Region.

The Swakopmund Municipal Emergency & Law Enforcement Unit has been running a warrant of arrest execution operation since the beginning of the year 2020. The operation is aimed at promoting good driving behaviour, encouragement of paying outstanding fines, and to bring to justice those who are non-complacent on paying outstanding traffic fines.

As the operation continues, more warrants are expected to be executed, and this time around officers will visit both residence and work place of offenders to affect arrests. Motorists are therefore encouraged to visit the Swakopmund Municipal Emergency & Law Enforcement Unit office at the corner of Daniel Kamho and Rakatoka Street to enquire for outstanding traffic fines.


Swakopmund Municipal Emergency & Law Enforcement was established by virtue of Regulation Notice R159 of 1979 and government Notice No 206 of 2008, published under Section 334 of the Criminal Procedure Act (Act of 1977) no 51 pf 1977 for the area specified in column 3 & 4 of the said notice as of Peace Officers.

The day to day operational and administrative activities of the Swakopmund Municipal Emergency & Law Enforcement Unit are carried out in accordance with the Local Authority Act. The Swakopmund Municipal Emergency & Law Enforcement Unit has full policing power to operate within the jurisdiction of Swakopmund Municipal Boundaries.


The Swakopmund Municipal Emergency & Law Enforcement Unit was established in order to compliment the Namibian Police Force (NAMPOL) in the following functions:

  • Crime Prevention
  • Traffic Law Enforcement
  • Enforcement of Municipal By-law
  • Escort Duties

Our mandate is to serve, protect and promote road safety through partnership with the community and key stakeholders.



Our Core values

These values are the principles that tie us together when executing our duties, in order to accomplish our fundamental objectives.

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Conflict
  • Results Driven

Swakopmund Municipal Emergency & Law Enforcement Unit:

A: Traffic:  

  • The Emergency & Law Enforcement Unit is responsible for traffic control related matters and road closures and in addition to traffic law enforcement activities such as speed and vehicle checks. The Unit also participate in special events (parades, funeral processions, VIP escorts, etc.), and conduct other safety related programs.
  • The Emergency & Law Enforcement Unit has four operational strategies namely: Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Evaluation. These are the pillars that guide all road safety operations of the Emergency & Law Enforcement Unit, and the aim is to prevent crashes, injuries and fatalities on our roads.

The following are the Emergency & Law Enforcement Unit Road Safety Pillars:

1. Engineering

Traffic engineering looks at road designs and considers variables such as population, industrial areas and town growth in order to ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic. Traffic engineering measures include identifying road safety problem areas and developing solutions to those problems.

2. Enforcement

Activity aimed at controlling road user behaviour by preventative, persuasive and punitive measures in order to effect the safe and efficient movement of traffic.

3. Education

This involves developing and implementing road safety programs aimed to inform, educate and raise awareness. All road users must be taught the safe and proper way to use roads.

4. Evaluation

Evaluation is essential to establish whether interventions are effective at improving road user safety and can contribute towards the goal of reducing death and injury on our roads. Evaluation is also key to developing evidence informed practice, and identifying, in advance, the type of interventions that are most likely to be effective.

B: Fire Brigade

The Fire Brigade Unit is responsible for the following:

  1. The following will outline the “Fire Service Mission”.
  • The mission of the fire service is to save lives and protect property and the environment from fires and other hazardous situations.
  • Today many fire departments take an “all-hazard concept” approach to the services they provide.
  • An all-hazards approach means that the department may provide:
  • Fire suppression protection
  • Emergency medical services
  • Technical rescue services
  • Hazardous material mitigation
  • Airport and /or seaport protection
  • Emergency management services
  • Fire prevention services and public education

(engineering, education and enforcement)

  • Community risk reduction
  • Fire cause determination
  • Special services
  • The fleet and personnel strength is as stated underneath:
  • Fire Stations
  • Phillipus Namalemo Fire Station

(Head Quarters)

  • DRC Fire Station

(Satellite Fire Station)

  • Fleet
  • Four (4) Pumper Appliances
  • One (1) Pumper / Rescue Appliance
  • Three (3) Rapid Response Vehicles
  • Personnel
  • Chief Fire Officer                           (1)
  • Deputy Chief Fire Officer              (1)
  • Fire Fighters Male / Female                     (10)
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • All hours / Office hours
  • +264 81 128 5613 All hours (24/7)
  • +264 81 127 9872 All hours (24/7)
  • +264 64 410 4646 Office hours

The Traffic Officers and Fire Fighters are responsible for developing and implementing community policing programs. Build partnership with community by helping residents to establish neighbourhood watch groups.

Swakopmund Municipal Emergency & Law Enforcement Unit

Corner Daniel Kamho Ave & Rakatoka Street


P O Box 53


(064) 4104 100 / (064) 4104 650