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The aims and objectives of the  Finance department are to:

*  Keep and maintain Council’s current sound financial position for both the long and short term.

* Apply credit control policies which maximize collection in order to ensure sufficient cash flow.

* Ensure that Council’s assets are adequately insured.

* Compilation of annual budget and financial statements.

The main purpose of this department is to manage the financial affairs of Council by formulating the vision of Council into policies and ensure that the policies are executed in a sound and professional manner. The department consists of the following divisions/ sections:

1. Revenue collection

Ensures the effective management of all Council’s revenue with emphasis on control of consumer’s account including group accounts.

2. Banking

The Banking Section manages and controls the Council‘s bank accounts and handles direct banking, proof of payment and customer queries.

3. Accounts Payable

Responsible for payment of creditors, sundry payments, contractual creditors, as well as control of Council’s value added tax and handles the Insurance portfolio as per Council’s financial regulations.

4. Stores

Procurement of assets, goods and services as per Council’s policy and for effective stock control.

5. Administration and Properties

· Manage and maintain valuation roll, issue clearance certificates and change of ownership, creates new erven and levy basic services on consumer accounts, process and mail monthly consumer accounts.

· Control and management of outstanding consumer accounts, sundry accounts and collection of bad debts in accordance with Council’s policies.

· Debt management and cut-off procedure, include water connections and disconnection of water.

· Co-ordinates accrual consumer accounts to the Attorneys for collections.

· To provide for extension of time for payment of overdue accounts in appropriate circumstances.