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This division is responsible for stimulation of local economy and promotion of economic development in Swakopmund. The objectives of the LED Division are as follows:

  • Promote economic interest of the town.
  • Maintain and improve biodiversity
  • Strengthen partnership for economic development
  • Create a conducive environment for business to prosper
  • Business expansion and retention.
  • Investment attraction & tourism promotion.
  • Diversify economic sectors toward creating new employment opportunities

To carry out this mandate a local economic development strategy has been developed for a period of 5 years. The first strategy was developed in 2010 which was reviewed and updated in 2019. The following are the core strategic focus areas for Local Economic Development Strategy: (NB: link to the LED strategy document)

  • Stakeholder involvement in LED (Local Economic Development)
  • Capacity building for SMME
  • utilisation of natural resources
  • Further infrastructure development and maintenance
  • mobilisation of the Business potential
  • realisation of Business Opportunities in the private sector

SMME development and promotion

One of the key focus areas of our LED strategy is to strengthen SME contribution to the local economy through various initiatives such as:

  • Development of regulatory and policy frameworks to promote SMEs and informal sector development
  • Provision of affordable business sites and premises for the SMEs
  • Facilitate business linkages to provide opportunity for exposure and economic opportunities that are mutually beneficial for linkage partners
  • Information development to stimulate the local economy
  • Dissemination of all important information aimed at enhancing business growth and economic development
  • Capacitate SMEs through training, mentoring and coaching.

The LED division is responsible to oversee the administration and management of Municipal business sites and premises. The Council has developed various properties and sites that are leased out to SMME to provide trading spaces and create a conducive environment for growth and expansion.

Municipal trading facilities administered under the local economic development section

  1. 37 business stalls on erf 4354, mondesa
  2. 33 business stalls at the sme park (erf 4352, mondesa)
  3. Open markets at erf 1823 mondesa with 28 open spaces
  4. Open market at erf 3215 mondesa with 59 open spaces
  5. Craft market at erf 118 swakopmund (opposite homecorp)
  6. 10 arts and crafts sites
  7. 5 mobile food kiosks
  8. 1 car boot sale site for charity, schools, and churches etc.

(NB: Photos of our various trading facilities will be provided in due course)

  • Kavita park craft market with 61 stalls.
  •  5 business stalls/ kiosks at the taxi rank
  • 9 sites along the beach for food mobile kiosks

For more details regarding the rates and application procedures, contact our SME Administrator, Tel: 0852122943, E:

Tourism development and promotion

The LED Division is also responsible for development and promotion of tourism in Swakopmund. The Council has developed a tourism growth and development strategy. The following are the strategic focus areas:

  • enhancing Cooperation between Stakeholders
  • enhancement of the tourism related environment
  • development of tourism industry
  • marketing Swakopmund as preferred tourist destination

Strategic vision: “Swakopmund is the leading destination for holiday tourists in Namibia offering a range of unique and diverse attractions, facilities and activities”.