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To provide and maintain safe, sufficient and affordable services for residents and visitors and promote future development to the benefit of our community.


React to the needs of the residents and the visitors of Swakopmund.

Create an organizational environment that promotes learning, respect, trust, support, personal growth and productivity in order to develop effective and committed employees.

Create policies and procedures for equal opportunity in recruitment, employment and promotion, guided by well defined Affirmative Action principles.

Generate and efficiently deploy the necessary finances in the best interest of the town.

Strive to maintain an accountable business orientated work ethic.

Accept a high degree of open communication, a participative management style and lead by example.

Organisational Values

  1. Service Excellence – To serve the community with due diligence. Aspiration to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.
  2. Teamwork – Working co-operatively within and across departments, and respecting one another’s views.
  3. Exceptional Work Ethics
    1. Honesty – To conduct business with honesty, integrity, trust and fairness.
    2. Commitment – Working with urgency and commitment to be successful from individual and company perspectives.
    3. Ownership – Taking ownership of our customers’ needs, being accountable for delivering friendly and professional service, as well as for tools and equipment.
    4. Professionalism – To uphold our integrity and good reputation.
    5. Punctuality – To meet deadlines, prioritizing and organizational ability.
    6. Discretion – the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid social embarrassment or distress.
    7. Recognition – Recognising and rewarding each other’s contributions and efforts.
  4. Personal development – To value and invest in the training, mentorship and coaching of staff members.
  5. Effective communication – Proper communication with customers, but also within Council, the senior managerial level through to the lowest ranked employee.