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Final Drafts of the Swakopmund Municipality’s Logo

Dear Residents

The Municipal emblem has traditionally been the only type of branding used by Council to represent both the municipality and Swakopmund as a town. It is a widely recognised symbol, however, Council intends to follow the international trend and adopt a logo to be used in addition to the Municipal emblem.

The new logo is the most significant component of Council’s branding project, as it will appear on all the Municipality’s intellectual and physical property, including the website, press releases, advertisements, letterheads, packaging, banners, leaflets, newsletters, presentations, notebooks, notepads, stationery, uniforms, business cards, promotional material and vehicles.

After considering the public comments on the previous design proposals, we reviewed the drafted logos shared on 8 April 2022. The new proposals are simplified, yet sophisticated and carry a message of a modern and younger generation.

We want to provide the public with the last opportunity to provide input by selecting from the final proposals below. Indicate your choice by typing the relevant letter ie A to C, in the comments below.

Voting closes on Friday 1 July 2022at 12h00.  


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