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Public Notice


Herewith Council wishes to inform the public that Council has been experiencing problems with the sewer system in several areas across Swakopmund. The main reason is the networks and facilities are overused and ageing.

The sewerage maintenance teams are overwhelmed and now work night shifts and use private contractors to assist.

To improve on service delivery and the functionality of the systems and facilities, Council has investigated and decided to implement the measures below to resolve the continuous problems:

In Mondesa and Tamariskia:

  • A mechanical sand trap facility will be constructed behind the Multi-purpose Centre in Mondesa. This project was advertised for construction, but no successful offer was received. It will be advertised again once the Engineering Department has amended the project scope. The mechanical sand trap will stop and remove all foreign objects from the sewer system to protect the downstream pump stations.
  • Rerouting of and installation of a new sewer system in the vicinity of the Multi-Purpose Centre in Mondesa. The procurement process for the rerouting exercise will commence soon and the planning and design of the new sewer system is underway.
  • The relocation of the Midblock sewer systems in Tamariskia is under construction and will be completed in October 2021.
  • The oxidation ponds at the old sewer treatment plant in Tamariskia will be decommissioned soon.
  • Investigations are underway to establish a new pump station near Tamariskia clinic to relieve pressure on Pump Station 16, behind Tamariskia Town Hall.

In Vineta and Mile 4:

  • A new pump station will be built at Vineta Central sports field to redirect effluent from the industrial area, away from Pump station 3 in Strand Str and divert it to the old Tamariskia treatment plant thereafter to the new Sewerage treatment plant. This process will be completely sealed therefore Tamariskia residents need not fear a re-occurrence of the fly or smell problem.
  • An investigation into the pumping process of all the pump stations along the beach is underway to redirect the flow away from the Mile 4 pump station towards the Matutura pump station, thereafter to the new Sewerage Treatment Plant.

Rest of Swakopmund

A sewer cleaning campaign is being executed by the Engineering Department including the cleaning of pump stations and sand traps throughout the town.

We appeal to the residents and building contractors to refrain from dumping foreign objects such as nets, pots, utensils, batteries, stones, etc. into the drains as this causes blockages and overspills to occur.

Please note that during the cleaning of the pump stations excessive noise and or the smell of sewage may arise, and we, therefore, apologise to residents and request your cooperation and understanding.

 Thank you.

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