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Water meters and readings – Frequently Asked Questions

Assistant Debtors, Admin & Property

Tel: +264 64 410 4320

Cell: +264 811457226


Always have your account number ready when doing enquiries

Where should I give my readings if I have a dog in my premises or my premises are always closed?

  • You can call in for self-readings at 0811457226/0644104320 or email readings to
  • For those with holiday houses or flats take your readings before departure and upon arrival and send to the numbers above or email.
  • You can also give the readings in person at thee Finance Enquiries Counter.

Why is my bill high?

  • High water bills are caused when used or leaks in a pipe on the consumer side.

Why there is Zero water consumption and what do I do?

  • When you see Zero consumption on your bill notify the Municipality at 0811457226.
  • When you see Zero consumption it means the meter is damaged or faulty and could not read.
  • We humbly edge the consumers to check their water bills on a regular basis,

How is it possible that my bill is higher than my neighbour, though they a lot in their house than mine?

  • Although your neighbours could have more people living in their home, their water habits/usage can be completely different from that of your house.
  • They could only take bath in a basin or newer/different appliances.
  • Several variables cause different between you and your neighbour’s bill.
  • Its advisable to monitor your water usage and take measures to use less water.

How will I spot a leak or pipe burst and what do I do in order to see whether I have a leak?

  • If you think you might have  a leak take the following steps:
  1. Turn off all taps and appliances that use water.
  2. Wait for 30 minutes then take the meter reading.
  3. Do not open any taps or appliances for 1 – 2 hours, then take another meter reading
  4. Compare both readings, if you have not used any water and the reading have changed it means you probably have a leak.

NB: Get a registered plumber to fix your leak and if it exceeds 60cubic, take the plumber’s invoice to the Accountant: Revenue Mrs P Shiimi or email to

Check regularly for leaks and signs

  • Check the usage dates printed on your bill on the left side under meter reading dates.
  • Check leaking toiles.
  • A faucet dripping slowly, a faucet one drop every 2 seconds could waste a lot of water.
  • Geyser pipes leaks in the wall.
  • Damp patches in your property or outside.
  • Irrigation valves (Sprinkler valves) check valves regularly and replace when broken.
  • Lush grass where there is little irrigation could also be a sign.

NOTE: Call in a registered plumber to investigate, if  you are not sure of the side you call the Municipality at 0811457226 or mail to

NOTE: If consumers spot a leak in the road, street or footpath, kindly call 0811448487 as early as possible.

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  • My water consumption this month is very high.I wanted to check if there is a leak on my property,but there is no reading on my meter.
    the meter shows a blank.

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